Sophisticated Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Creating a sophisticated style for your kitchen involves balancing elegance and minimalism. This is easily found with a Shaker-style kitchen. At A&T Cabinet Makers, we help you design and install the perfect shaker kitchen cabinets to complement your home.

What is a Shaker Style Kitchen?

A Shaker-style kitchen seeks aesthetics that aren’t flashy and continues to be highly sought-after in a variety of designs. This is achieved with a ‘frame’ look on cabinets and cupboards (on walls and doors). This look is created by having a recessed panel in the centre.


The original Shaker design was created centuries ago by craftsmen in the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing. Their religious principles involved honesty, simplicity and utility – hence the modesty in their crafting style.

With more bells and whistles than a simple Shaker kitchen, Hamptons kitchens bring together a melee of clean lines, reflecting a coastal style with refined elegance. Providing a sense of comfort, function, and livability Hamptons-style kitchens are designed and built to last.


Key Features of Shaker Kitchen Cabinets and Cupboards

Developing a Shaker-style kitchen means incorporating a few simple features. The traditional key features of Shaker kitchen cabinets and cupboards include:

  • Recessed panels
  • Natural-coloured wood
  • Functionality.

Although the style traditionally involves dark wood, it’s evolving to include much brighter finishes as well. The Hamptons style kitchen is a great example of this. Hamptons kitchens are based on the classic Shaker aesthetics, but with a modern touch – usually a white finish.

Shaker Kitchens Are Here to Stay

The Shaker-style kitchen has already survived decades of kitchen innovations. In fact, its popularity is rising. Because the style is simple and doesn’t include specific decorations like carvings, it’s unlikely the timeless look will become outdated. This makes it a great option when building your long-term family home.


Custom Made Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

To get the Shaker style in your kitchen, you’ll need expert craftsmanship tailored to your space. While stock cabinetry can provide a quick and easy solution for your home, our custom made shaker kitchen cabinets are specifically designed and constructed to suit your specific requirements, taste and lifestyle. The nice thing about being custom is that we can add as much or as little extra detail as required to achieve the effect you are chasing. At A&T Cabinet Makers, we customise Shaker kitchen cabinets to complement your kitchen and home. Our talented team measure your kitchen area and then craft the ideal shaker kitchen cabinets – bringing your Shaker-style kitchen to life.

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