Modern Hamptons Kitchen Cabinets

Hamptons style kitchens embody the bright beaches of Long Island, New York. They’re light, open and a delight to walk through. In fact, their coastal charm and sophistication is popular all around the world.

Sound like the right style for your kitchen? At A&T Cabinet Makers, our experts can craft custom-made Hamptons kitchen cabinets for your home. Learn more about the famous look below.


Will a Hamptons Kitchen Suit My Space?

The Hamptons kitchen look blends perfectly with most Australian houses. Because of its coastal flair, it complements a wide range of styles like the traditional Queenslander home. The white Hamptons kitchen cabinets also make it easier to fit in with different house colours and textures.

If you’re unsure if your space is right for a Hamptons kitchen, our kitchen experts can help.


5 Traits of a Classic Hamptons Kitchen

1. Use of White

The simplicity and calmness of white gives Hamptons kitchens their relaxed vibe and elegant look. And by starting with a quiet tone, it helps accentuate any feature colours that are added later – from navy splashbacks to patterned stools.



Hamptons kitchens aren’t always white. They can also be neutral or natural tones.



2. Architecture

With any Hamptons kitchen design, there needs to be space for its bold architecture. Large cabinets and cupboards take up wall space, surrounding the kitchen, while a kitchen island stands tall in the centre.

3. Shaker Cabinetry

The Hamptons kitchen is a modern version of the classic Shaker style kitchen. So incorporating the Shaker design into Hamptons kitchen cabinets and cupboards is a must. This style typically involves a recessed panel on cabinet walls and doors – creating a graceful frame look.


4. Marble look  Benchtop

To achieve the famous classy finish, Hamptons court kitchens have an important feature: a marble look benchtop. This glossy addition is stunning and its sharp look blends in well with the hard edges of Hamptons kitchen cabinets.


5. Contrasting Timber Floors

To get the full effect of a Hamptons kitchen, darker floors are used. This creates a visual contrast that helps put the cabinets and benchtop into focus. While timber is the traditional choice, timber-look vinyl or neutral tiles can also be used.


Enjoy Your Own Opulent Hamptons Style Kitchen

Do you want the Hamptons kitchen look in your home? You’ll need cabinet experts who are experienced in creating the Hamptons style, down to the most intricate details. At A&T Cabinets, we’ve customised Hamptons kitchen cabinets for many Australian homes.

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